Social impact

Thinking globally, acting locally.

We have a strong sense of community and our place within it. Although we are a global company, we believe that we can make a real difference by acting locally. Our sites around the world get involved with local initiatives in many ways. We take part in activities to strengthen local economies, to encourage schoolchildren take an interest in science and to support employees who are involved in charity work. As a responsible business, we want to show that we provide value beyond our products.

Sites choose which projects to support, within the criteria set out in our community investment policy. A core theme is ‘promoting science education’ which takes many forms, such as school visits to our sites.

Our community investment committee has representatives from many of our locations. It meets quarterly to update on progress and agree funding. 68% of our sites are actively involved in their local communities and have either formal or informal engagement plans in place.

We also offer all employees two days’ paid leave per year for community work. They are encouraged to work with organisations in their local area where they can make most use of their skills or gain new knowledge. We're committed to supporting our community partners.

It's a key theme in our sustainable business goals to 2025, which will include specific performance metrics to further enhance our contribution.

In 2016/17 the company donated £738,000 (2015/16 £679,000) to charitable organisations. This figure represents donations made by Johnson Matthey but does not include payroll giving, employee donations or time.

The company made no political donations in the year. We operate a corporate charitable donations programme which represented 41% of the group’s total donations in 2016/17. The remainder of charitable giving is managed locally. This programme supports organisations in the areas of environment and sustainability, medical and health, science and education, social welfare and economic development.

We support employee fundraising efforts for good causes and match donations up to £1,000 per employee per year and up to a total of £70,000 per year for the group as a whole. In the last year, employees raised £99,750 for 60 charities to which the company added £50,300 in matched contributions.