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Catalysis and advanced materials

We're a world leader in the development and manufacture of catalysts to control harmful pollutants and optimise industrial production processes. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of catalysts, including heterogeneous, homogeneous and biocatalysts, and we serve industries ranging from automotive and agrochemicals to petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Cost-effective catalysis

Platinum has impressive catalytic abilities and precious metals form the centrepiece of many of the catalysts we produce. But our catalysts business is much more than just precious metals; we select the right material for the job in hand, resulting in a range of precious and base metal products and enzyme catalysts using our chemistry expertise to help our customers develop efficient, cost-effective processes.

To do this, we find ways to get more from precious metal catalysts by looking at how the particles are formulated and supported, we look for ways of improving the durability and performance of metals such as iron, copper and nickel and we identify biocatalysts that are fit for purpose. We also make sure that any new catalyst we develop can be manufactured at industrial scales and will fit seamlessly into our customers’ existing production processes.

Support at any stage

Because of our wide range of catalytic expertise, customers can come to us at any stage. They might want us to develop a catalyst for a completely new production process or an improved version of an existing catalyst, or they might want us to find a way to scale up the production of a catalyst they have already developed. Our expertise can be tailored to almost any requirement.

Sustainable manufacturing

Using our expertise in catalysis and sustainable technologies we have been able to develop a mercury-free catalyst to support a more environmentally friendly method of producing PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic. Our catalyst uses gold as the active component. The gold is positioned on the surface of a carbon support, allowing us to minimise the amount of gold used but make it readily available for reaction. By combining our chemistry skills and applications knowledge, we can now offer our customers a new, economically viable catalyst that offers a more sustainable route to PVC.

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