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Fuel cells

Rapidly growing demands on the world's energy resources and increased visibility of the link between the number and type of vehicles on the road and air quality are driving the need for innovative solutions to achieve more sustainable energy generation and storage.

Hydrogen will be part of this future mix. As an energy carrier, with ease of distribution and availability on the rise, fuel cells offer an optimum solution for power generation. With the only byproduct of the process being water, it’s an attractive solution for businesses and governments faced with the challenge of ensuring cleaner air and a healthier world.


World leading capability

We're leaders in the production of catalysts and components for use in fuel cells. Our manufacturing facility in Swindon opened in 2002 and was the world's first dedicated production facility for membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) – the key component at the heart of PEM fuel cell technology.

We supply high quality fuel cell components for automotive, non-road transport and distributed power applications.  Working closely with our customers and suppliers to develop tailored products for specific applications, designs and operating conditions we aim to provide the optimum solution.


Leaders in precious metal management

As well as being the world’s largest recycler of platinum group metals (pgms), we have the edge in precious metal management, a crucial component in the production of fuel cells. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia our global trading team can help manage all our customers’ metal management needs.

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