Oil and gas refineries

We offer specialised high performance catalysts, absorbents, additives, addition systems and process technologies to the global refining market.


We manufacture and supply a range of high performance refining solutions for the oil refining industry:

  • PURASPECTM absorbents and process technologies – designed to remove undesired impurities such as chloride, mercury, sulphur and arsenic from hydrocarbon gases and liquid.
  • KATALCOTM catalysts – our world-leading products used for on-purpose hydrogen production via the steam reforming process.
  • CATACELTM structured foil supported catalysts for hydrogen production.
  • INTERCATTM additives and additions systems – the market leading speciality additives and addition systems used in the refinery's fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit.
  • Tracerco DiagnosticsTM services and Tracerco instruments – services for the refining industry, to lower operating costs and increase production capacity.

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Products and services

Oil and gas refineries products and services

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