For more than 40 years Johnson Matthey has developed, manufactured and supplied piezoelectric ceramics, piezo components and piezo modules, tailored to customer requirements.

What we do
  • Main products: bending elements, atomizers, modules and devices
  • Customised products for different actuator and sensor applications – as well as for energy harvesting
  • Market leader for piezo bending actuators (bimorphs/trimorphs)
  • Over 100,000,000 piezo products produced.
Customer benefit
  • Piezos are suitable for aggressive oils and high relative air humidity
  • We form long-term partnerships from the idea to series production
  • The piezo bending actuator produces no heat, therefore no cooling is required
  • Energy consumption is lower compared to the electromagnet, resulting in reduced operating costs
  • High positioning speed results in significantly increased productivity
  • Higher reliability reduces downtime
  • The compact construction of the piezo bending actuators requires significantly less space
  • Silent operation provides the most ergonomic possible workplace.

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Piezo Products

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