Efficiently and effectively reduce diesel particulate emissions using our ACTIVCRT® for CARB verified applications and ACTIVDPF® for non-CARB verified applications.

Our active diesel particulate technology integrates the well proven Continuous Regenerating Trap (CRT) system with a load bank for reliable filter regeneration when there is insufficient heat for passive regeneration. The load bank is automatically and economically controlled by the SOOTALERT® monitor which tracks the system’s parameters and adjusts the engine load to exercise the engine and simultaneously regenerate the filter. Through the use of the SOOTAERT’s SCOUT™ program, auxiliary fuel is only consumed when the filter is regenerating or when the engine is exercised.

Benefits include:

  • Exercising the engine at loads recommended by engine manufacturer to avoid wet stacking
  • Low capital cost compared to other active DPF systems
  • A very low operating cost since fuel is only consumed during infrequent filter regeneration and engine exercising


Typical ACTIVCRT and ACTIVDPF system reduction efficiencies


Pollutant  Reduction 
PM  > 85% 
CO  > 80% 
VOC  > 70%