Rhodium sulphate plating solution RJ100S

This sulphate based concentrate has been specifically developed for decorative applications. It will produce bright, white lustrous deposits up to a maximum thickness of 2.5 µm.

Bath preparation
Typical requirements for 1 litre solution:
Demineralised or distilled water: 800 ml
Concentrated sulphuric acid: 20 ml (added cautiously to the water with stirring)
RJ100S: 20 ml

Metal preparation
All components must be thoroughly degreased using trichloroethylene or a similar solvent.
Immediately prior to plating the parts should be immersed in dilute sulphuric acid (5% v/v).

Plating conditions
Rhodium content: 1.5 - 2.5 g/l
Sulphuric acid content: 10 - 50 ml/l
Temperature: 20°C - 50°C (optimum 40°C)
Cathode current density: Up to 10 A/dm2 (optimum 2 A/dm2)
Current efficiency: 15 - 20 % at optimum current density

Chemical Formula

Product Codes
UK: 153100
CN: FM01RH0004
This product can be ordered worldwide under the above product codes

CAS number

Product Family
Pgm compound solution (aqueous)


Jewellery, electronics

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