Human resources policies

Our standards on human resources are progressive, consistent and aimed at bringing out the best in our people – we value diversity as a core component of a sustainable business.

Johnson Matthey's human resources policies are implemented through the corporate human resources standards which set requirements for operations throughout the group to follow.

These standards are generally in advance of legal requirements and provide internal consistency. They are supported by detailed regional procedures or individual business procedures. All of these policies and procedures are subject to regular review to ensure that they continue to reflect both regional best practice and local legislation. Site specific human resources policies and procedures are communicated to staff at inductions and through staff handbooks. Human resources policies and risks are examined by the Group Management Committee and the Group Policy Compliance Committee and are reported to the board.

Johnson Matthey has employment policies on equal opportunities and on training and development.

Read our Equal Opportunities and Training and Development of People Policies (PDF).

Read Johnson Matthey Plc's Board Diversity Policy Statement (PDF).