Johnson Matthey’s patented SCARF technology brings high performance to tackle toughest ever emissions challenges for diesel cars and vans

  • Johnson Matthey’s SCARFTM technology improves emission control performance of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter from light duty diesel vehicles.
  • With its compact design, Johnson Matthey’s SCARF technology can be placed closer to the vehicle engine to take advantage of the higher temperatures and bring the emissions control catalysts into their optimal operating temperatures.

As upcoming global emissions standards lay down the next technical challenge for emissions control systems for road transport, Johnson Matthey (JM) announces its SCARF technology for high performance control of NOx emissions and particulate matter from diesel vehicles. 

JM’s SCARF technology combines JM’s cutting-edge selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst and selective catalytic reduction filter (SCRF®) in a patented arrangement. The compact design enables closer placement to the vehicle’s engine to take advantage of the higher temperatures. Fast warm up of the SCR component brings the NOx reduction catalysts to operating temperatures as quickly as possible to minimise engine emissions, especially when starting up the vehicle in cold weather. Then improved heat retention of the SCRF component maintains the required operating temperatures for longer, enabling continued high emission control performance.

New emissions standards drive down the levels of harmful emissions by setting lower limits and enforcing them across wider real-world driving situations. Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are a key focus because of their associated health concerns. Cleaner and more efficient engines are good news for reducing CO2 emissions but can result in less heat going into the exhaust system. This presents a challenge to bring catalyst technologies into their optimal operating temperatures. JM’s compact SCARF technology makes efficient use of the engine’s waste heat to improve emission control performance.

Louise Arnold, Product Line Director in Johnson Matthey, says: “Upcoming new legislation places even greater demand on emissions control under low temperature driving conditions. As part of our commitment to technology development and improvement, our compact SCARF technology offers multiple benefits for our customers to further improve control of NOx emissions and particulate matter from diesel vehicles.”

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