Our strategy

We have a strong business and a clear strategy to create long-term value

Our ambition is to be one of the best performing and most trusted speciality chemicals companies in the world.

JM is a world-class science and technology company, and at our core is our chemistry.  We use our expertise to solve complex problems for our customers. 

In a world which is becoming increasingly challenging, our competitive advantage is in combining knowledge of the fundamental chemistry, with commercial and scalable solutions, potentially customised for each and every customer. This combination allows us to outperform in our target markets and creates high barriers to entry.

We focus on high margin, technology-driven growth markets, growing because they address the three big global challenges; cleaner air, improved healthcare and more efficient use of natural resources.  

Within these areas we look for businesses that meet our core criteria.  They are growing, can generate attractive returns and are where our chemistry and customer focus creates leadership positions.

We then sustain those leadership positions through a virtuous circle of investment in research and development to enhance our expertise and understanding in the fundamental chemistry, which then enables us to develop new or better ways of solving our customers’ problems and this in turn deepens our relationships with our customers.  

Investment in the strongest growth opportunities by sector, by market and by geography is underpinned by our relentless focus on operational efficiency

Beyond financial targets

But there is further value we create, and that is our vision for a world that is cleaner and healthier today and for future generations. As we invest and as we grow the business our sustainable business agenda is the lens through which we view total success. It is inspiring our research and development agenda and is increasingly important to our current and future employees.

Our financial performance, and our performance in driving a cleaner and healthier world mean that in 2025 we will have enhanced our position as a technology leader in our targeted markets, have three substantial and growing primary sectors, and we will have excellence embedded into everything we do; be that our research and development, our commercial relationships to ensure that we capture our optimal share of value for our shareholders, and our manufacturing to ensure that we remain cost competitive and our procurement capabilities.

Taking this all together, we aim to be one of the best performing most trusted and admired specialty chemical companies in the world. And that is what our strategy is designed to achieve.