Johnson Matthey and Brexit (EU Exit)

Ensuring business continuity and regulatory compliance

The UK and the EU have finalised and implemented a Free Trade Agreement as of the 1st January 2021. Johnson Matthey has assessed the impact for the company and has implemented the actions needed to ensure smooth business continuity for our customers and suppliers.

How we've prepared

Ensuring stock is available

Across our global manufacturing site network, and in conjunction with our supply chain, we put plans in place to ensure stock would be available in the right place at the right time, and that the procurement of goods would continue. Our logistics teams have now implemented the required changes that are needed at our land, sea and air borders to ensure we minimise any Brexit (and also Covid-19) impacts on goods flow.

Maintaining regulatory compliance

We have taken action to provide a seamless crossover and continued trade in the EU of Johnson Matthey products, ensuring that regulatory compliance is maintained, and that goods shipments are fully compliant with UK and EU regulations.

Ensuring continuity of supply

Throughout the Brexit period and into 2021, we have developed and considered all the key scenarios, and have now implemented all our plans to ensure continued supply of our products and services. 

Maintaining relationships

Our Board of Directors believe that Brexit will not a have a long term material impact on Johnson Matthey and we continue to focus on executing our strategy for the group. We are confident we have mitigated the risks and can benefit from opportunities. We fully believe that this will ensure the relationships with our suppliers and customers will remain unaffected.

Business as usual

It is 'business as usual' in all areas as we act in the best interests of our employees, our customers and our shareholders.  Within JM, our people are briefed and able to respond to any changes, so we can support our customers and suppliers.  

Keeping our plans up to date

We continue to keep abreast of external political factors, engaging with civil servants and Ministers whose briefs relate to us and those involved in negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU. This ensures our plans for logistics, regulatory affairs and stock management remain fully up to date.

Here if you need us

If you have any issues or concerns, then please continue to get in touch with your regular JM contacts.

Navigating REACH

During the transition period there was no impact on the REACH Registrations which were in place for Johnson Matthey products.

Now that the transition period is over, for EU-REACH we have established an ‘Only Representative’ through a Johnson Matthey EU legal entity, allowing a seamless crossover and continued trade in the European Union of Johnson Matthey products. Customers will receive communications confirming the appointment of these Only Representatives, as appropriate, in due course. In addition, we have initiated work to ensure our products and incoming raw materials comply with the UK’s equivalent of REACH, which may include 'grandfathering' substances previously registered under the EU-REACH regime, undertaking so-called Downstream User Import Notifications (DUINs), or submitting new UK-REACH registrations, in line with the regulatory deadlines. We will provide an update on our progress with regards to UK-REACH compliance in due course, and currently do not anticipate significant impacts or changes on how you order or receive goods and services from us. 

Further REACH-related information is available one our REACH webpage and should you have additional questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.