Johnson Matthey launches new Low Carbon Solutions offering to reduce syngas carbon emissions by up to 95%

Johnson Matthey (JM), a global leader in syngas production technologies, today launches CLEANPACETM, a suite of ready-now technologies to retrofit existing grey hydrogen and methanol assets and reduce carbon emissions by up to 95%. Working together, JM is integrating its established Advanced ReformingTM technologies with leading pre-combustion CO2 capture providers, to deliver cost effective decarbonisation solutions. CLEANPACE will allow producers across the syngas value chain to retrofit existing assets resulting in significant and sustained carbon emissions reductions.

JM’s CLEANPACE retrofit technologies enable CO2 reductions of up to 95% at a low upfront cost and minimized plot space versus competing options, while providing tailored benefits to further futureproof existing plants.  With hundreds of mid to world scale syngas production plants in operation, many of which are less than 20 years old and still being depreciated, operators are able to retrofit their existing assets with CLEANPACE solutions and begin decarbonizing today. 

Industrial sectors are ramping up efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, particularly from hard-to-abate sources, with syngas producers responsible for approximately 70% of CO2 emissions in the chemicals sector. The opportunity for JM’s Low Carbon Solutions is to reduce CO2 emissions by over 100 million tonnes per year by 2030 from grey hydrogen production in Europe and North America alone, which represents 150-200 projects with an addressable market of £1-2 billion. 

Jane Toogood, Catalyst Technologies Chief Executive at JM, says: “The need for chemicals companies to decarbonise their existing facilities is well recognised and Johnson Matthey’s CLEANPACE technology solutions are ready now for deployment by companies who are making progress on this path.”  

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