JM to offer new process to synthesise ultra-pure cannabidiol

The new synthetic method will help us support companies in developing novel treatments and medicines to help patients across a range of disease areas.

Expanding on our existing cannabinoid offerings, today we announced a development in our API and controlled substances portfolio by establishing a new synthetic method for ultra-pure cannabidiol, a medicinal component of the cannabis plant.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many chemical compounds in the cannabis plant and is known to possess medicinal and therapeutic properties. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another molecule in the cannabis plant, CBD does not cause intoxication or euphoria, two unwanted side-effects for medicines. In light of CBD’s medicinal applications and the absence of psychoactive side-effects, demand for GMP-grade CBD from pharmaceutical companies has increased extensively in recent years. It’s now being investigated as a potential therapeutic treatment for various illnesses and diseases, including multiple cancers, seizures, dermatological conditions and anxiety.


JM has established over fifteen years’ experience in developing and commercialising a portfolio of ultra-pure synthetic cannabinoids and other controlled substances. By adding cannabidiol into this portfolio and filing a US drug master file (DMF) with a validated synthetic process, we’re excited to support companies looking to explore CBD’s medicinal applications further.


With manufacturing sites based in the US, we’re able to apply our knowledge of synthetic chemistry and purification techniques to CBD synthesis. In particular, our solid form chemistry expertise has enabled the development of a free-flowing crystalline powder, which is able to be particle size adjusted for a variety of formulation requirements. Furthermore, we’ve established a full suite of references of standards and impurities to facilitate CBD product development, which helps to ensure molecules are synthesised to an ultra-pure standard.


As well as synthetic chemistry expertise in controlled substances, we also offer API manufacturing capabilities for botanical extraction and purification of cannabinoids. Based on the growing popularity of medicinal cannabinoids, JM is actively investigating the development of other cannabinoid compounds.


“As a leader in API development, we are delighted to add the high-value synthesis of cannabidiol to our expanding portfolio of Pharma solutions,” Paul Evans, VP Generic Products and Solutions at JM commented.


“This will enable companies to easily explore the medicinal properties of cannabinoids, and combined with our development and manufacturing capabilities, deliver novel treatments and medicines to patients.”

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