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The pace of scientific development never stands still, and neither do we.

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We're dedicated to creating the sustainable technologies of the future, shaped around our customers’ needs. Using our knowledge of chemistry and its applications, we research, develop and innovate solutions to make the world cleaner and healthier.

Our central research and development (R&D) team provides the backbone of JM's core scientific capabilities. Working alongside customer-facing R&D specialists our teams develop cutting edge innovations to meet our customers' challenges. Collectively they deliver a balanced portfolio of short, medium and long-term research, giving us a sustained pipeline of new and enhanced products.

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From our earliest origins as a gold assayer, through to our market-leading inventions in catalytic science and pharmaceuticals, our scientists have long been at the forefront of innovation.
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Expert insights

Leading opinions and insights from major stakeholders, academic professionals and JM thought leaders on topics surrounding clean air, clean energy, healthcare and the efficient use of the planet's natural resources.
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We collaborate with our customers, industry stakeholders and organisations throughout the innovation ecosystem to develop breakthrough ideas and convert our core science expertise into new products and processes.
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Core capabilities

We take our knowledge of chemistry and materials and use it to solve your complex problems, whether that is scaling up manufacturing or developing new and next generation products. View our core capabilities.
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Johnson Matthey Technology Review

Free access to Johnson Matthey’s international journal of research exploring science and technology in industrial applications.
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