The ammonia market is changing fast and at Johnson Matthey we continually work to help our customers compete ever more successfully. The world relies on ammonia derived fertilisers for food production, so manufacturing these as efficiently as possible is of critical importance. We understand that ammonia producers are under increasing pressure to reduce production costs, improve energy efficiency and increase production capacity whilst reducing emissions.

Within the fertiliser industry, Johnson Matthey is seen as the world-leader and has the greatest depth and breadth of knowledge providing catalysts used in ammonia, nitric acid and urea production. Our knowledge is underpinned by operating experience in ammonia, nitric acid, nitrate fertiliser and urea plants, allowing us to better understand the needs of a plant operator. Our position has been further developed through our own technology, partnerships with leading providers such as Uhde, catalyst development and the large number of plants that use our technology and catalysts. KATALCOTM ammonia catalysts are at the heart of the world's largest ammonia plant, with rates of up to 4,250mtpd.

Of course, the selection of catalysts and technology for your ammonia plant is just the start of the process. At Johnson Matthey we seek to develop close working relationships with all users of our catalysts to gain a thorough understanding of your operations. In supplying some of the world's largest, most reliable ammonia plants, Johnson Matthey's catalytic solutions are already recognised across the industry.

By installing KATALCO catalysts into your ammonia plant, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a product that's a leader in its field ensuring you can focus on profitable ammonia production.

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