SCRT® systems

Integrated systems for CO, HC, PM and NOx control from diesel engines

The most effective 4-way systems are those that successfully integrate two components, in which they work together rather than as two separate systems.

Johnson Matthey’s SCRT® technology combines the diesel particulate filter system, incorporating an oxidation catalyst, to control CO, HC and PM, and a SCR catalyst to reduce NOx emissions.

4-way emissions reduction system SCRT Systems

The SCRT system is more than simply a combination of a CRT® system and an SCR system. In this integrated design, the CRT performs two functions: it gives excellent conversion of CO, HC and PM, and it enhances the NO2 content of the gases that pass into the SCR system. By optimising the gas mix supplied to the SCR catalysts in this way, excellent NOx conversions are also achieved.

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