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JM-LEVO Formaldehyde

Making formaldehyde production simpler

The JM-LEVOTM Formaldehyde portal is the first of our plant analytics and communication tools, helping you to effectively manage and adapt your plant operations as conditions change.

The online platform provides a centralised interface for viewing your plant data and key metrics, monitoring formaldehyde (and UFC) production and communicating with JM. System-generated guidance can be obtained, helping to manage any risks to operation and facilitate key decisions regarding performance optimisation.

Supported through a machine learning model, the platform provides recommendations based on our 60+ years of experience in the formaldehyde market. JM-LEVO Formaldehyde has been developed with direct customer input and offers a unique digital solution to support your production.

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JM-LEVO optimisation

Working together to achieve maximum performance

Through our FORMOXTM brand, we have been providing reporting and insight services to formaldehyde producers for decades. Continuing to build on this, JM-LEVO Formaldehyde provides a new and more efficient method of working and communicating with JM. All analysis and recommendations are backed by our technical experts; they are able to view the platform dashboards, both remotely and on-site, assisting you with any necessary improvements.

We are passionate about helping you achieve your full production potential and are excited to share this tool with you. The full release of JM-LEVO Formaldehyde will be in Autumn 2020.

Please get in touch below if you have any questions, or request a demo if you would like to know more.

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