Hydrogen Europe announces Mark Wilson as new Board Member

Hydrogen Europe’s General Assembly has appointed Mark Wilson, Chief Executive of Hydrogen Technologies at Johnson Matthey (JM), as a new member of the Board of Directors. The association’s board members, as leaders in the sector, will help to determine its trajectory as Hydrogen Europe continues working towards a better, more sustainable world.

Dr Sopna Sury, Chair of Hydrogen Europe, commented on the new appointments: “On behalf of the entire Hydrogen Europe Board I am extending a warm welcome to all new board colleagues. It is great to see the breadth across value chain capabilities of the hydrogen industry and the associations’ member base being this well represented. Together we will continue shaping and further strengthening Hydrogen Europe as the platform for the European hydrogen economy.”

Mark Wilson, Chief Executive of Hydrogen Technologies at JM, says: “Drawing on JM’s deep knowledge across the value chain, I hope to provide unique insights and perspectives to the board, translating a wide range of industry interests into the board's plans. I look forward to working collaboratively to build on Europe’s strengths and overcome our challenges to develop the hydrogen economy.  I am convinced Hydrogen Europe is a key enabler of that collaboration and I will work hard to ensure its success.”

JM has decades of direct experience in the hydrogen value chain and related markets, becoming an essential technology supplier for hydrogen economy-enabling applications, such as electrolysers, CCS/CCUS, fuel cell technologies, as well as methanol, ammonia cracking and sustainable aviation fuel, supported by its leadership position in strategic platinum group metals supply.

Mark’s term is for three years.  

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