Johnson Matthey publishes its Annual Report and Accounts 2022

Johnson Matthey has published its Annual Report and Accounts 2022. In it we share financial and non-financial performance for the year ended March 2022, our reinvigorated strategy and an update on our sustainability commitments. 

Our vision for a cleaner, healthier world drives our strategy to catalyse the net zero transition for our customers. The report outlines how we will create more value, for customers, shareholders and society, as we help the world accelerate progress towards net zero.

Chief Executive Officer Liam Condon said: “Throughout my career, I have only ever worked for companies that combine science with a strong sense of purpose. Science fuels progress, it’s how the world grows. But, for me, that progress needs to be purposeful, it needs to make the world a better place. That desire to combine science and purpose resulted in me spending 20 years of my life working in human health and ten years in animal and plant health. Now, I am delighted to lead a company that is focused on using science to protect our planet’s health.”

The report also explores:

  • Stories of how our people are using our inspiring science to enhance lives around the world
  • An update on sustainability goals, targets, and performance
  • Our approach to corporate governance, including remuneration

Download the full report to find out more: Annual Report 2022

Johnson Matthey works with customers and partners across automotive, chemicals and energy markets. It has operations in over 30 countries and employs more than 13,000 people worldwide.

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