Johnson Matthey Publishes 2014 Annual Report

Johnson Matthey has published its 2014 Annual Report which is an integrated report covering all aspects of the company's financial and non-financial performance. It is available online at

The report, which is titled 'Sustainable Technologies for Today and for the Future', aims to demonstrate how Johnson Matthey delivers superior long term growth for its stakeholders through the creation of value adding sustainable technologies.

It combines the company's financial, social, health and safety, environmental and governance performance and reflects the five elements of sustainability which Johnson Matthey believes have a material impact on its business.

As Johnson Matthey approaches its two hundred year anniversary in 2017, sustainability continues to be a key element of its strategy. The integrated report reflects the group's values and determination to build a sustainable business as well as communicating to all its stakeholders its commitment to sustainable growth.


Report highlights:

  • Details of Johnson Matthey's business model and strategy to achieve its vision of building its 3rd century though value adding sustainable technologies.
  • A review of financial, social, health and safety, environmental and governance performance, including an update on the group's progress towards its Sustainability 2017 Vision.
  • Case studies highlighting examples of Johnson Matthey's sustainable technologies and sustainability initiatives across the group.

Johnson Matthey welcomes your feedback on the report – please email