Small, sustainable changes can make a big difference: how could you live a more sustainable life?

As part of Responsible Business Week, Johnson Matthey is encouraging all its employees and the wider community to consider what small changes we can make every day to live more sustainably

Running our business in a responsible, sustainable way is central to Johnson Matthey's business strategy. Our business drivers are underpinned by the five key elements of sustainable business and 90 per cent of our products have a beneficial impact on people's lives and the world around us. 

Growing our business sustainably is not only about our science and technology, operations and products; we are also committed to best practice in governance, creating a positive, healthy, safe working environment for employees and being a responsible partner for our customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders.

This isn't just about the big changes; there are small changes we can all make every day that can add up to a big difference. We can start by thinking about the small changes we can make at work and at home that can have a massive combined impact.

As part of Responsible Business Week we're encouraging you to share what you can do every day to live a more sustainable life, at work and at home, and commit to making one (or more!) simple changes.

Tweet us one thing you can commit to doing every day. 

  • Safety: What are you doing at work or at home to work more safely?
  • Environment: Reducing waste – what's happening in your office or at your manufacturing facility? Could you reuse the back of your printouts and loose paper for notes to reduce waste?
  • Using resources efficiently – what are you doing to save energy or reduce water consumption? Could you turn your computer off overnight, and make sure you turn your screen off when you leave your desk for meetings and when you go for lunch?
  • Health / Wellbeing: Consider walking, riding your bike more or joining a ride-sharing group as part of your daily commute.
  • Governance: How are you applying your company's code of ethics in your workplace?
  • Social: What projects are you working on with local communities, charities, schools etc?