Johnson Matthey at 200 – aligned for growth

Johnson Matthey announces changes to its organisation.

In 2017 Johnson Matthey celebrates its 200th year and in May we will launch a refreshed brand identity, "Inspiring science, enhancing life", to reflect our position as first and foremost a science led company which has a major positive impact on people's lives; making the world around us cleaner and healthier.
Johnson Matthey has made, and continues to make, significant progress in these areas but in order to perform in the current environment, we must increase our focus and build a more collaborative organisation. This will drive further synergies for customers and create value for shareholders. To achieve this, and to reinforce Johnson Matthey's brand identity, we will move to a group structure of four sectors aligned on the global priorities of cleaner air, the efficient use of natural resources and improved health:
  • Clean Air
  • Efficient Natural Resources
  • Health
  • New Markets
Clean Air is the new name for Emission Control Technologies Division. John Walker, Executive Director, will continue to lead this sector.
Efficient Natural Resources brings together Process Technologies Division and much of Precious Metal Products Division. There is an opportunity to deepen our presence in the chemicals, oil and gas, and industrial markets by enabling our customers to increase their efficient use of resources; making more out of less. Jane Toogood, currently Division Director of Precious Metal Products, will lead this sector.
Health will comprise much of our Fine Chemicals Division. Johnson Matthey is well positioned to build in this space through focusing on niche areas where we can differentiate using our expertise in complex chemistry. We will bring in a new leader from outside Johnson Matthey to head this sector. In the interim, Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive, will oversee this sector.
New Markets is the new name for our New Businesses Division. In addition to the current portfolio of businesses, it will incorporate the Medical Components business previously included in Precious Metal Products' Noble Metals business, and Fine Chemicals' Catalysis and Chiral Technologies business. Alan Nelson, currently Chief Technology Officer and Division Director of New Businesses, will lead this sector.
These changes are with immediate effect.