Johnson Matthey publishes 2017 Annual Report

The report explains how Johnson Matthey delivers long term growth for its stakeholders by applying inspiring science to enhance life.

Johnson Matthey has published its integrated 2017 Annual Report which covers all aspects of the company's financial and non-financial performance. It combines the company's financial, social, environmental and governance performance and reflects the Global Reporting Initiative standard for non-financial data together with those issues which Johnson Matthey believes have a material impact on its business.
Growing responsibly continues to be a key element of the group's strategy for building a sustainable business. The integrated report reflects the group's values and determination to grow sustainably based on its scientific expertise. More than 90% of group sales come from products that benefit the environment, people's health or conserve natural resources.
Highlights in the report include:
  • Details of Johnson Matthey's strategy to deliver sustainable growth using its existing market leading technologies, and through developing next generation technologies to meet the global challenges from the areas of clean air, efficient use of natural resources and health.
  • A review of financial, social, environmental and governance performance.
  • An introduction to some of the ways that Johnson Matthey uses science to create innovative products that enhance life.
  • An overview of the group's approach to growing responsibly, including a final update on progress towards the targets set in its Sustainability 2017 Vision.

Johnson Matthey works with customers and partners across markets from pharmaceutical and medical to automotive, industrial and chemical production. It has operations in over 30 countries and employs around 13,000 people worldwide.