Standing with Mexico: JM offers earthquake support

JM will be making a donation of 8,000 US dollars to the Mexican Red Cross following the devastating effects of recent earthquakes that damaged Mexican cities.

Two additional earthquakes also shook southern Mexico on Saturday. The recent quakes were the deadliest to hit the nation since 1985. Power cuts left much of the capital in darkness with 3.8 million people left without supply. Throughout the affected regions, buildings, roads and bridges were destroyed. Several major gas leaks and fires occurred and Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano erupted. 

As the country tries to come to term with the loss of hundreds of lives, Mexico earthquake survivors are still healing in hospitals and rescuers continue the search for survivors. The quakes triggered an international solidarity response. JM is committed to supporting world crises and charities round the world. Following its initial donation, JM will continue to work together with charity partners to understand how it can support the relief efforts.

Chief Executive Robert MacLeod said:

"Mexican citizens really need support. Our colleagues in Mexico are committing a lot of time, resources and effort to support people in need and help the country rebuild houses and schools. I am extremely proud of JM for stepping in in moments like this, not only through its corporate donations but especially via the fundraising initiatives organised by sites all over the world."