JM extends characterisation and modelling capability with million-pound investment

We've just invested over £1 million in a new 600 MHz Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SSNMR) spectrometer. 

Our science and technology underpins who we are at Johnson Matthey, and we like to ensure we have the right tools to do our job. That's why we have just invested over £1 million in a new 600 MHz Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SSNMR) spectrometer. Extending our current world-class SSNMR capability, we join a handful of companies that have two wide-bore SSNMR spectrometers.

Characterisation and modelling of materials is one of our core capabilities, enabling our understanding of structure, processes and chemistry in atomic detail. Such expertise means we can push further forward, developing the next generation of products, and design materials with specific properties, for applications ranging from catalysts for cleaner air, efficient use of natural resources, and development/formulation of materials to improve health.

Our move to bring this expertise in-house developed after working closely with the University of Warwick for the past 20 years. This collaboration meant we learnt about this technique from experts in the field, and investigated how we could apply SSNMR to understand our materials. Demand quickly increased, as the detailed structural information on the chemical environment is used to improve performance and effectiveness of materials in development.

This means we can fine tune our research, deliver results faster, improve material and process design, ensure optimal conditions and supply better performing, longer lasting, more cost-effective products.

Our Zeolite Discovery Team regards SSNMR as an essential characterisation technique for studying zeolites and silicoaluminophosphates (SAPOs) – giving unique local structural information on materials present, and enabling us to refine and enhance the material to deliver the required properties and enhance catalyst performance.

In pharmaceutical development, we can quantify polymorphs in active pharmaceutical ingredients – meaning our customers can develop very specific materials and the patient is safeguarded.

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