Johnson Matthey launches the ActivDPF filter system

Auto-regenerating to provide clean and reliable emergency power

  • Automatic regeneration of the filter ensures that the emergency genset is always ready to generate power.

  • Integration with a load bank enables automatic filter regeneration, even when the engine load is too low for passive regeneration.

  • Multiple engines can share one load bank, and filter only regenerates when necessary, resulting in low capital and operating costs.

Johnson Matthey has launched an innovative automatically regenerating ActivDPFTM diesel particulate filter (DPF) system for stationary diesel engines. The technology gives facility operators and engineers peace of mind that their emergency generators are able to deliver clean energy whenever needed, without depending on a filter monitoring system. Now, the ActivDPF system automatically performs that function, while simultaneously exercising the engine.

The ActivDPF system integrates Johnson Matthey’s patented Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®) technology with a load bank, for an even more versatile and reliable product. The CRT combines a DPF that traps up to 99% of harmful particulate matter from diesel exhaust with a catalyst that reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. The load bank enables automatic filter regeneration, even when the engine load is too low for passive regeneration. And periodic use of the load bank exercises the engine for better engine maintenance and power reliability.

Bob Bono, Sales Manager for Johnson Matthey said: “The ActivDPF system is a step change in the way industrial, manufacturing and other facility operators think about their emergency generation systems and emissions control strategies. With automatic regeneration, they can be confident the system will generate clean energy at the times they need it most.

“By using a single load bank across multiple engines they can see this benefit while achieving lower capital costs, and because the load bank controller automatically adjusts engine operation to generate load only when regeneration is required very little fuel is consumed, minimising operating costs.”

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