Johnson Matthey publishes 2020 Annual Report

The report explains how Johnson Matthey is using our world class science to solve customers’ complex problems, creating long term value for our shareholders and a cleaner, healthier planet for everyone.

It also reflects the Global Reporting Initiative standard for non-financial data together with those issues which we believe have a material impact on our business.
The report sets out our strategy and outlines JM’s good progress in 2019/20 where we have taken short term action without losing sight of the long term. We have:

  • Tried to balance the needs of all our stakeholders during the pandemic, with our first priority being the health and safety of our people, customers, suppliers and communities.
  • Delivered operating performance ahead of market expectations, excluding the effects of COVID-19.
  • Taken decisive action to protect our business and position JM well in an uncertain world.
  • Now delivered nearly £120 million of our previously announced cost savings.
  • Continued to invest across the business in future growth opportunities.
  • Stayed focused on safety and sustainable business.

It also outlines how we are:

  • Accelerating our strategy to drive further efficiency and strengthen our business.

The report also sets out how recent developments do not change the global trends that will drive our longer term growth. Addressing climate change remains a priority and commitments to net zero are gathering pace across the world. Our continued investment in strategic growth projects and leading sustainable technologies uniquely positions us to address this and other key global trends, delivering significant value for our shareholders and society.

Johnson Matthey works with customers and partners across markets from pharmaceutical and medical to automotive, industrial and chemical production. It has operations in over 30 countries and employs around 15,350 people worldwide.

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