Johnson Matthey joins Greentown Labs as Gigawatt Partner

We've partnered with startup incubator to drive cleantech innovation.

Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech startup incubator in North America, has announced Johnson Matthey as its newest Gigawatt Partner. Johnson Matthey, applies cutting-edge science to create sustainable technologies and speciality chemicals that are helping build a cleaner, healthier world.

Johnson Matthey’s science enables low emission transport, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing efficiently, effectively and sustainably. For example, its technologies prevent around 40 tonnes of pollutants from entering the air every minute. Johnson Matthey is also using its science to develop new technologies, such as battery cathode materials for electric vehicles and fuel cell components for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, to enable the journey to pollution free roads.

The partnership will develop deep ties between Johnson Matthey and Greentown Labs’ community of more than 100 cleantech startups.

Maurits van Tol, CTO of Johnson Matthey said:

"We are delighted to join Greentown Labs as a Gigawatt member. Johnson Matthey believes that many of the environmental and sustainability related challenges are best addressed through science and technology solutions. We recognise that we cannot develop solutions to all of these on our own. We are keen to engage with ecosystems that give us the opportunity not only to collaborate with a wide variety of organisations, but also allow us to be part of discussions to shape long term strategies in sustainability. Through this partnership with Greentown Labs, we aim to deliver innovative sustainable solutions which can be scaled up and commercialised. We are looking forward to working with Greentown and the Boston ecosystem as a whole and making the partnership a success."

The Johnson Matthey and Greentown Labs partnership will focus on fostering opportunities for collaboration among Johnson Matthey’s business units and Greentown Labs’ ecosystem of more than 250 current and alumni member companies. The incubator’s community of startups is developing solutions across a variety of cleantech and clean energy sectors including but not limited to transportation, electricity, manufacturing, agriculture and water which align well with many of Johnson Matthey’s key markets.

A global leader in sustainable technologies, Johnson Matthey will now have access to strategic, facilitated startup introductions which will ultimately help the organisation continue to advance solutions today for a more sustainable tomorrow. Further, Greentown Labs’ community of early-stage startups will now have the unique opportunity to connect with one of the world’s leading science organisations - providing access to expert guidance, industry-leading research and development, and the potential for pilot projects and partnerships.

“The impact of climate change is affecting all aspects of life from the food we eat, the air we breathe, our modes of transportation, how we power our buildings and so much more,” said Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs. “We’re proud to partner with Johnson Matthey and applaud its commitment to developing and deploying solutions for these challenges. We’re excited to see the positive impact we can make together!”

The 100,000 sq. ft. Greentown Labs campus provides startups with a robust network of strategic partners, prototyping lab space, a wet lab, a machine shop, an electronics shop, office space for more than 500 entrepreneurs, a 600-person event space, and a variety of flexible membership options.

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