JM joins UN development agency, International Hydrogen Energy Centre

JM will help support the successful transition to a hydrogen economy.

  • Experts gathered at inaugural International Energy Centre (IHEC) meeting to discuss accelerating large-scale production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen.
  • Currently, many are producing hydrogen but developing hydrogen applications and its roll-out is lagging behind.
  • If not corrected, this will create a supply/demand imbalance.

Eminent experts in the field of hydrogen met on 10th November 2021 to discuss the topics and key focus areas for the recently established International Hydrogen Energy Center (IHEC), which is part of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

The IHEC aims to accelerate the development of solutions for the large-scale production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen with the aim of enabling China and the rest of the world to transition to a net zero carbon emission society.

The group agreed the following:

  • To build an extensive network around IHEC to ensure global learnings are shared and avoid duplication.
  • To successfully transition to a hydrogen economy, the entire value chain(s) need to be covered rather than solely focusing on producing hydrogen, also consider the hydrogen applications and their roll-out to avoid them lagging behind. If not corrected, this will lead to a supply/demand imbalance.
  • The other elements of an emerging value chain, for example business planning, project finance, the development of holistic approaches to promote hydrogen deployment are also key.
  • The production, distribution, storage and use of hydrogen needs to happen safely. A globally aligned approach to safety is important and the global supply chains that will be developed, need to be developed safely.

Maurits van Tol, CTO, Johnson Matthey: “We’re delighted to have joined the newly formed International Hydrogen Energy Centre. This group, established under UN development agency UNIDO, calls for the development of the entire hydrogen value chain and for more support to developing countries to help them produce hydrogen locally, thus reducing dependence on energy imports. These are aims we support as they contribute to our vision of a cleaner, healthier world.”

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