Statement on Ukraine

The dreadful situation in Ukraine is incredibly distressing. At JM we stand shoulder to shoulder with the wider chemical industry: 'expressing our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and our thoughts are with all those affected. This invasion of Ukraine by Russia violates international law, specifically the sovereignty of an independent country. The Chemical Industry Council supports the measures the EU and its member countries have decided on. This war endangers safety, prosperity and sustainability of the whole European continent, and we urgently call for an end to violence.'

Today, we are setting up a special fund in Poland, where we have a number of Ukrainian employees, to provide immediate financial support for accommodation and living costs to support Ukrainian family members and friends seeking refuge as they cross the border.

Employees in Gliwice, Poland are doing an outstanding job of providing transport, shelter, care and other essentials for people as they cross the border into Poland. They are working with the Centre of Social Initiatives (CSI), a local non-profit organisation to support Ukrainian refugees coming to the Gliwice area, and JM is making an immediate financial contribution to its efforts.

For the next month, JM will also be matching all colleague donations to four Ukraine appeals:

Our thoughts are with the people affected by this terrible war and we hope for a peaceful end to this horrible conflict.