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MAPD conversion catalysts

The removal of MAPD from crude propylene produces polymer grade propylene. We offer catalysts for MAPD converters configured as vapour phase or liquid phase reactors, to suit the plant's needs.


Total saturation catalysts

We offer a range of palladium and nickel based catalysts for total saturation duties.


Pyrolysis gasoline catalysts

We produce a number of pyrolysis gasoline products used in the production of aromatics and high octane gasoline components, including HTC™ NI 200, HTC NI 400, PRICAT™ PD 309/6 and PRICAT PD 469.


Sulphur oxide reduction FCC additives

Johnson Matthey’s SUPER SOXGETTER and LO-SOX PB families of SOx reduction additives have been developed to decrease the cost of removing SOx from the FCC flue gas in full burn, partial burn and two-stage regenerators.