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Ammonia cracking catalysts

Ammonia cracking is the process by which ammonia is decomposed towards hydrogen and nitrogen over a catalyst (based on base or pgm metals).


Chloride removal absorbents

View Johnson Matthey’s PURASPEC CLEAR chloride absorbents for the oil and gas industry.


Addition systems

JM's addition systems have been in widespread use on the FCC process since the mid 1980’s, and today there are over 300 units installed in refineries throughout the world.


Hydroformylation catalyst

Johnson Matthey offers a complete range of rhodium compound catalysts for the hydroformylation reaction, including rhodium chloride, rhodium acetate or the original Wilkinson catalyst RhCl(PPh3)3.


Secondary reforming catalysts

The range of KATALCO QUADRALOBE secondary reforming catalysts provide both high stability and high activity, allowing us to offer the best mix of activity, pressure drop and high temperature stability for your application.