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Total saturation catalysts

We offer a range of palladium and nickel based catalysts for total saturation duties.


Pyrolysis gasoline catalysts

We produce a number of pyrolysis gasoline products used in the production of aromatics and high octane gasoline components, including HTC™ NI 200, HTC NI 400, PRICAT™ PD 309/6 and PRICAT PD 469.


Reforming technologies (ATR, GHR, SMR)

Johnson Matthey's DAVY™ reforming technologies transform natural gas into synthesis gas (syngas, predominantly CO, CO2 and H2) . Syngas is a feedstock for the DAVY gas to liquids (GTL) and methanol processes.


Sulphur oxide reduction FCC additives

Johnson Matthey’s SUPER SOXGETTER and LO-SOX PB families of SOx reduction additives have been developed to decrease the cost of removing SOx from the FCC flue gas in full burn, partial burn and two-stage regenerators.