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Methanol is an important and highly versatile chemical used to produce hundreds of every-day products which improve our quality of life, such as plywood, paint and adhesives. It is also a clean-burning and safe alternative to conventional fuels and a potential enabler for decarbonization.


Waste to methanol

Waste is a source of valuable carbon and hydrogen that can be transformed into methanol. This reduces the amount of waste destined to landfill and incineration and replaces natural gas and coal-based feedstocks, enabling the production of more sustainable fuels and chemicals with a lower carbon footprint.


CO2 to methanol

Methanol produced using electrolytic hydrogen is an attractive alternative and potentially carbon neutral fuel. It can be directly used as a road and maritime transportation fuel or as a low carbon intensity intermediate to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or green gasoline.


FLEXI Methanol technology

Our FLEXI Methanol process is a robust technology for medium to large capacity plants which delivers consistent, high performance and which is used today in the most energy efficient methanol plants in the world.