Arsine removal absorbents

Arsine (AsH₃), derivative of arsenic, is a flammable and explosive gas. The gas can travel along the ground, ignite a distance from source and flash back. It decomposes to arsenic at elevated temperatures. Arsenic and all its derivatives are highly toxic and lethal in high doses. 

Johnson Matthey is offering a range of specially designed arsine removal absorbents, in line with our vision for cleaner and healthier world.  

Our PURASPEC™ absorbents have proven over the last two decades to be highly effective and selective for the removal of arsine from light liquid hydrocarbon streams. These streams commonly originate from cracking of heavy hydrocarbon streams such as FCC or olefin steam cracking.   

Johnson Matthey’s representatives should be consulted to determine which product is the most appropriate for any given application/duty and how to maximise its utilisation. 

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