CANS novel reactors technology

Johnson Matthey has developed a novel DAVY™ reactor design that provides increased efficiency whilst significantly reducing vessel sizes, equipment count and catalyst volumes.

This has been achieved through parallel developments in new catalyst formulations and reactor concepts.

Termed the ‘CANSTM’ technology, the new reactor system consists of modular catalyst containers providing modified reactant flow paths. This configuration delivers improved mass transfer and kinetics plus low pressure drops, enabling reactor intensification.

Initially conceived for the DAVY/BP Fischer Tropsch (FT) technology, CANS reactors retain the original tubular fixed-bed configuration, modularity, easy scale-up and non-proprietary manufacture of our FT reactors, but with significantly improved performance.

Today, the CANS principle is not limited to FT, and we continue to develop this technology for application in a number of heterogeneous reaction systems.

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