CATACEL SSR catalyst

Johnson Matthey’s CATACEL SSRTM tailored catalyst technology is a proven high performance, direct replacement catalytic solution for producing hydrogen from natural gas through the steam reforming process.

This technology enables increased throughput and reduced energy consumption, without increasing pressure drop.

CATACEL SSR technology is a breakthrough catalyst system that upgrades plant rate and efficiency by replacing traditional pellet catalyst with an engineered assembly of metal foil fans that are coated with reforming catalyst. These assemblies are stacked to fill the catalysed length of each reformer tube. SSR technology is uniquely designed to mitigate the heat transfer constraints of your plant to maximise production or reduce trim fuel and associated emissions. SSR catalyst can be installed in the existing tubes of the steam methane reformer within a normal changeout schedule.

SSR catalyst-coated fans continuously impinge the process gas flow against the tube wall, destroying any stagnant gas layer that limits heat transfer from the tube wall to the catalyst. The total reactive surface area of the fans typically exceeds that of the pellets they replace, further resulting in improved activity.

The improvements in heat transfer and activity allow increased production rates. Increases of 15-20% have been observed in plant rates. In addition, the high void space and stability of the CATACEL SSR structure means no increase in pressure drop is observed over time as the foil stacks expand and contract with the tubes, delivering the benefit of increased activity over a long service life.

The operating benefits of using of JM’s CATACEL SSR technology have been documented and well proven in commercial units across the globe. Benefits observed include:

  • Increased hydrogen production
  • Substantial trim fuel savings and lower tube wall temperature at normal operating conditions
  • Removal of pressure drop limitations.

CATACEL SSR technology, when installed as a direct replacement for pelleted catalysts, can generate significant economic return, often in as little as 9-12 months. It is the best choice for a low capital technology to meet the growing hydrogen demand now and in the years to come. Please contact Johnson Matthey to explore this opportunity.

View our CATACEL SSR video for more information.

For cylindrical reformer applications in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Headwaters Solutions LLC is our exclusive distributor.

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