Making formaldehyde production simpler

Through our FORMOXTM brand we have been providing reporting and insight services to formaldehyde producers for decades. Continuing to build on this, the JM-LEVOTM Formaldehyde portal is the first of our plant analytics and communication tools, helping you to effectively manage your formaldehyde production. It strengthens our support offer and provides a new and more efficient method of working and communicating with JM.  

The online platform provides a centralised interface for sharing and viewing your plant data, visualising key metrics, monitoring formaldehyde production and communicating with JM. System-generated guidance can be obtained, helping to mitigate any risks to operation and facilitate key decisions.

All analysis and recommendations are based on 60+ years of experience in the formaldehyde market and backed by our technical experts.  JM-LEVO Formaldehyde has been developed with direct customer input and offers a unique digital solution to support your formaldehyde production. 

Clear advantages

Improved performance

  • Receive targeted performance advice from our machine learning and proprietary analytical models 
  • Stay agile and make rapid, informed adjustments as conditions change 
  • Optimise production and hit your objectives, whether yield, catalyst life, cost or capacity

Simplified production

  • Simplified data capture process, reducing the effort required for manipulating and sharing data with JM 
  • Get immediate reports and insights from your uploaded data via the various dashboards 
  • Make planning simpler with clear forecasts on optimal time-to-reload 
  • Benchmark and compare across loads and reactors, as well as monitor performance over multiple sites and plants

Access to JM expertise

  • Troubleshoot problems and find solutions quickly with expert support 
  • Share data and collaborate with JM’s technical experts 
  • Utilise our historic knowledge to reduce operational risk and improve time to reload planning 
  • Get 24/7 access to Johnson Matthey’s comprehensive library of technical information

Customer-centric digital solution

JM‑LEVO Formaldehyde was designed putting our customers in the focus, using regular feedback and testing sessions to identify which features were of most value and how we could make this new service as easy to use as possible.

  • Simple data submission - An efficient process is key to minimise the effort needed in sharing data
  • Instant reports - Gain access to a dashboard of auto generated visuals, including cross-plant or cross-site comparisons as well as loads
  • Planning tools - Reloading forecast and cost monitoring enable a more accurate production planning and activities scheduling
  • Machine learning model - Combined with process design and catalyst expertise generates optimisation advices
  • Technical Library - Online access to key information and JM's expertise when desired
  • Technical support - The portal is a platform for the customer and JM to efficiently collaborate on various production aspects

Not only does this tool allow you to store and compare your plant data, it also provides you with the capabilities to better manage your day-to-day operations, reduce any risk to your production and achieve new levels of plant performance. All analysis and recommendations are backed by our technical experts; they can access the dashboards and other reports, assisting you with any necessary improvements. This new feature helps you to adapt you plant operations as the conditions change while maintaining an optimised performance.

Benefits matrix

 Users  Area  Included   Premium
 One plant manager access  Access  Yes  Yes
 One site manager access  Access  Yes  Yes
 One site manager access with multiple site access  Access    Yes
 Global manager role with multiple site access  Access    Yes
 Flexible roles and number of users (up to 10 users)  Access                Yes


Features   Area   Included  Premium 
 Site dashboard with key performance indicator charts       Visuals/Analytics  Yes  Yes
 Plants pages with key performance indicator charts  Visuals/Analytics  Yes  Yes
 Analytics optimisation tool  Visuals/Analytics    Yes
 Time-to-reload forecasting  Visuals/Analytics    Yes
 Overall production cost display  Visuals/Analytics  Yes  Yes
 Production cost development and breakdown  Visuals/Analytics    Yes
 Load comparison - access to historical data  Visuals/Analytics    Yes
 Data upload management tool (process data template)  Data management   Yes  Yes
 Upload history  Data management  Yes  Yes


Service and information   Area  Included   Premium 
 Comments and recommendations within < 2 days         Service    Yes
 Comments and recommendations within < 5 days  Service  Yes  
 Technical information library  Information   Yes  Yes
 Upload template for process data  Information  Yes  Yes



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