Low temperature shift catalysts

The water gas shift reaction converts carbon monoxide and water to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Low temperature shift is used in ammonia and hydrogen plants to maximise the hydrogen produced and minimise the gas purged from the ammonia synthesis loop.

The latest products in our low temperature shift range combine high activity and poisons resistance with excellent selectivity to give low methanol by-product formation. The use of these catalysts allows for more efficient use of feedstocks in ammonia and hydrogen production.

The KATALCOTM 83-series of low temperature shift catalysts offers high activity whilst maintaining high strength to ensure physical robustness. The formulation provides a self-guarding capability and maximises sulphur retention. We also manufacture a promoted version of our standard catalyst, specifically formulated to give low levels of by-product methanol and provides enhanced chloride poison retention, eliminating the need for speciality guard catalysts.

Our range of low temperature shift catalysts includes:

  • KATALCO 83-3
  • KATALCO 83-3X
  • KATALCO 83-3M
  • KATALCO 83-3MX

Product bulletins:

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