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Making methanol production simpler

We've been providing reporting and insight services to methanol producers since the very first low pressure methanol plants in the 1960s. Today, methanol is still an essential building block in our everyday lives, used in things such as paints, plastics and fuels. In a world pushing towards a net zero future, it’s important that we continue to provide our customers with more efficient, digital solutions, so that chemicals can be produced more sustainably.

JM-LEVO Methanol provides you with a new, digital and more efficient method of working and communicating. Accessed from large-screen devices including PCs and tablets, and developed with direct customer input, the platform provides a centralised interface. You can easily input, share and view your plant, site or reactor data, and get immediate insights and reports through the online dashboard, which displays auto generated visuals and key metrics. Additionally, retrieve detailed reports and technical guidance from the online library, which provides easy access to key information and JM's expertise. This all makes planning simple, driving more efficient operations and resulting in a lower environmental impact.

Achieving your targets

Sustained high performance and regular analysis

We already provide a range of supporting analytics and modelling services, and our goal is always to help maximise the performance of your site or plant.


JM-LEVO Methanol allows more frequent assessment of plant performance. You can identify opportunities to improve your operation earlier and achieve more consistent operating targets. Ultimately, this helps sustain optimum operation for longer, maximising the utilisation of available feedstock, catalyst and equipment.


Our latest generation of plant models are used to automate the data validation and analysis, providing detailed insights into plant operation. This is displayed on the online dashboard, indicating trends and changes that require attention.


With performance front of mind, we focus on your issues and challenges, offering guidance to mitigate any risks to operation and facilitate key decisions to achieve new levels of plant performance.

Enhanced collaboration

In a world moving at pace, we understand the significance of responding and adapting quickly. The technical support and collaboration we provide has always been key to customer success, and JM-LEVO Methanol allows us to offer this through a digitalised and enhanced support solution. 

The portal allows you to share dynamic charts, insights and valuable information with your colleagues, but also with your JM technical representative. All analysis and recommendations are based on nearly 60 years of experience in the methanol market and backed by our technical experts, who have direct access to the dashboards and reports to assist you with any necessary improvements.

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