Fatty acids

In oleochemical hydrogenation, even a small gain in efficiency can yield dramatic results. At Johnson Matthey, we supply a range of catalysts to suit whatever hydrogenation system and raw materials you use – all with unparalleled repeatability of performance.

Our PRICAT 9932 catalyst achieves high activity in distilled and undistilled fatty acids and has excellent stability against fatty acid dissolution. It distributes quickly into the raw material and has good filtration characteristics for ease of operation. PRICAT 9953 delivers many of the benefits of PRICAT 9932 and achieves all this with a lower nickel content.

Our PRICAT 9955 and 9956 catalysts offer selective hydrogenation for fatty acids, an increasingly important area for oleochemicals. In addition to their excellent stability against fatty acid dissolution and good filtration characteristics, they also deliver high performing selectivity towards polyunsaturate removal and mono – unsaturated retention.

Fatty alcohols is another important oleochemical application. Our base metal PRICAT range offers catalysts for fatty alcohol production and polishing, including chrome free alternatives, for those customers working towards reduced chrome in their processes. Please contact us for more information on these products to discuss which catalysts in our PRICAT range would be the best for your process.

We can help you select the right catalyst for your process, give advice on process conditions and help you fine tune your process to reach its optimum. We can also provide bespoke catalysts specifically to suit your process. Our catalyst and our comprehensive technical service combine to focus on one objective: to help you gain a distinctive competitive edge.

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