FORMOX 2.0 is a groundbreaking advancement in plant design and performance. Using unique turbocharger technology, our range of FORMOX 2.0 plants can be operated at higher pressure than previously possible. This next step in the evolution of formaldehyde technology is made possible thanks to close collaboration between specialists in the fields of plant design and catalyst development.

30% higher capacity with FORMOX 2.0

Advantages of FORMOX 2.0

  • Reduced specific investment – capacity is 33% higher with only minor changes in equipment, so the price increase is moderate in relation to the increased capacity range.
  • More flexible operating range – the new design makes it possible to optimise plant performance and to find new combinations beneficial for specific parameters. For example, methanol inlet can be reduced in order to improve catalyst performance and lifetime.
  • Maintained performance at turndown – operates with same outstanding performance.
  • Reduced specific power consumption at peak capacity – improved pressure ratio means lower specific power consumption at high pressures.

FORMOX 2.0 involves modifications made to our basic standard plant range that enables increased capacity. For example the reactor has been adjusted for a higher production rate, but without changing the number of reactor tubes. The ECS has been modified to reduce pressure drop to a minimum to help optimise power savings and turbocharger performance.

Plant range

FORMOX 1.0 is our basic standard range of plants utilizing electrical drive for pressurization blowers (turbocharger is an option). These are slightly lower in investment cost.

FORMOX 1.0 FS1:1 FS2:1 FS3:1 FT2:1 FT3:1
Design capacity (MTPD 37 wt%) 70-185 110-300 150-418 220-600 300-836


FORMOX 2.0 FS1:2 FS2:2 FS3:2 FS2:12 FT3:2
Design capacity (MTPD 37 wt%) 70-246 110-400 150-556 220-800 300-1112

Performance FORMOX 2.0

 At pressure/methanol  1,5/10 2,0/10  Bar a/ % 
 Expected perforamance      
 Methanol cons.  427   429   Kg/MT 37% 
 Power cons.  43   39   kWh/MT 37% 
 Specific prod.  20   18   MT37%/kg cat. 
 Steam prod.  710 - 760  710 - 760  Kg/MT 37%

FORMOX catalysts – for greater flexibility

Since first introducing the Catalyst Activity Profile concept in 2003 with CAP 1, JM has worked continuously to push the boundaries even further. Our aim is always to increase flexibility, productivity, production availability, yield and lifetime, while at the same time reducing operating costs.

Now, with the introduction of FORMOX 2.0 plant technology, we are proud to present our latest CAP HP catalyst system designed to handle the plant's higher productivity and system pressure. Thanks to the new FORMOX CAP HP1 system, the FORMOX 2.0 plant offers extraordinary flexibility in productivity, ranging from 28 to 100 percent of full capacity.

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