Oxo alcohols process

Johnson Matthey offers oxo-alcohol processes and a complete range of catalysts suitable for oxo-alcohol manufacture.

The LP OxoSM technology is the world’s leading technology for use in the manufacture of oxo alcohols from olefins. This technology from Johnson Matthey and Dow Global Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), offers licensees a combination of superior catalyst systems and a simple flowsheet, which results in few equipment items, low investment cost, and high feedstock efficiency in a plant that is environmentally compliant, reliable, easy to operate, and maintain.

In the LP Oxo Alcohols process, alcohols are produced by low pressure rhodium-catalysed hydroformylation of an olefin with syngas (CO and H2) followed by hydrogenation of the intermediate aldehyde.

For example, propylene is hydroformylated to produce normal-butyraldehyde and iso-butyraldehyde which are then hydrogenated to produce normal-butanol and iso-butanol respectively. The production of 2-ethylhexanol is achieved by aldolisation of the normal-butyraldehyde followed by hydrogenation of the aldol intermediates.

The globally proven LP Oxo technology has been licensed in more than 43 plants in 15 countries around the world. Plants utilising this technology collectively produce over 60% of the world’s butyraldehyde and contribute to more than 85% of the world’s licensed propylene-based oxo capacity.

We offer a range SELECTORSM technologies providing extensive flexibility over the production ratio of normal- to iso-butyraldehyde, enabling our licensees to vary product yields in an ever-changing market environment.

Revamp designs to improve plant performance

Johnson Matthey also offer revamp designs to improve oxo alcohol plant performance. Initially a study is conducted to find the optimum solution to meet the customers’ needs. From there, we offer a wide variety of upgrade options including capacity increases, selectivity improvements (n:i ratio), and efficiency improvements.

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