Water gas shift catalysts

The water gas shift reaction converts carbon monoxide and water to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The reaction is catalysed by a number of different base metal catalysts, depending on the operating temperature and levels of poisons in the feedstock.

KATALCOTM shift catalysts are synonymous with simplicity in their installation and operation, reliability in service and sustainability.

High temperature shift

Based on an iron-chrome formulation, our latest high activity catalysts for high temperature shift operations are the result of extensive catalyst developments. They allow lower volumes of catalyst to be installed and increase the options for plant optimization.

View the range of high temperature shift catalysts for ammonia and hydrogen production.

Low temperature shift

Using copper and zinc on alumina, Johnson Matthey offers a range of low temperature shift catalysts that combine high activity and poisons resistance with excellent selectivity to give low methanol by-product formation.

View the range of low temperature shift catalysts for ammonia and hydrogen production. 

Isothermal and medium temperature shift

Our range of medium temperature shift and isothermal shift catalysts are designed to be more thermally stable and manage the exotherm under low steam to carbon conditions, thus improving the efficiency of hydrogen production.

Sour shift

Johnson Matthey is the world’s leading supplier of sour shift catalysts with the KATALCO K8-11 series of products. These catalysts are particularly robust and can withstand sharp temperature changes, high steam partial pressures and the effect of contamination from impurities in raw gas.

View the full range of sour shift catalysts for ammonia, methanol, hydrogen and SNG production.

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