Johnson Matthey’s LCH™ blue hydrogen technology, paving the way to net zero

Manufacturing CCS-enabled (blue) hydrogen at scale is an essential early step in reducing global carbon dioxide emissions, enabling the planet to achieve net zero emissions.

Our innovative LCH™ technology is ready to go and allows for high purity, clean hydrogen to be produced from natural gas at scale.

Within our LCH technology, as the hydrogen is produced, the CO2 produced alongside it can be efficiently and cost effectively captured. The JM process captures over 95% of produced CO2, at much lower cost than would be possible for a conventional steam methane reforming technology. This results in overall lower plant CAPEX and OPEX requirements. The captured CO2 can be transported and stored using carbon capture and storage (CCS). CCS is a process for storing vast quantities of CO2 in geological formations or taking advantage of decommissioned oil and gas infrastructure. Because of this, it’s a process that will lend itself well to some geographies and geologies well for many years to come, for example in the UK and USA.

JM technology has a major positive impact on the overall carbon footprint of the hydrogen produced relative to other technology options at lower capital and operational cost than standard technology.

Market leading technology

Our LCH™ technology delivers:
  • Highest efficiency with lower capital expenditure
  • Lowest cost of hydrogen
  • Lowest usage of natural gas per unit of hydrogen
  • Lowest amount of CO2 produced per unit of hydrogen

reduction in carbon dioxide, compared to conventional (grey) hydrogen

Working together to kick start the energy system 

Meeting the global need for clean hydrogen is fundamental to both JM’s vision of a cleaner healthier world, and achieving net zero emissions. We're engaging and will continue to engage with a broad range of stakeholders across industry, including through participation in the Hydrogen Council, to work with partners on promoting clean technologies.  JM are members of the inaugural Board of the Hydrogen Council, Hydrogen Europe, the Decarbonised Gas Alliance and UKHFCA.

The UK specifically is at the forefront of the global drive for clean hydrogen and our LCH technology is being used in several projects. One of the leaders is the HyNet project, which plans to deliver CCS-enabled blue hydrogen in North West England. All of our projects see us working with many partners to build plants, in the UK and around the world, with our technology at their centre.

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