Delivering the highest process efficiency and lowest LCOH commercially available

Experience the pinnacle of hydrogen production with our proven LCH™ technology: a ready-now solution delivering high-purity, clean hydrogen at scale. Unleashing the power of Gas Heated Reforming (GHR) and Autothermal Reforming (ATR), our process excels by capturing up to 99% of CO₂ produced during hydrogen generation. Compared to conventional steam methane reforming (SMR) technologies, our LCH process ensures superior efficiency and cost-effectiveness, significantly reducing both plant CAPEX and OPEX requirements.

Efficiency is key
Our CCS-enabled LCH technology prioritizes process efficiency, maximizing feedstock utilization to elevate your hydrogen production capabilities. The levelised cost of hydrogen, reflecting the average production cost over a plant’s lifetime, is substantially lower compared to standard technologies. This translates to a strategic advantage, making low carbon hydrogen an economically viable and environmentally responsible choice.

A global carbon footprint game-changer
By choosing LCH technology, you make a significant positive impact on the carbon footprint of your hydrogen production. Our approach stands out as a cost-effective alternative, providing lower capital and operational costs compared to conventional technologies. Manufacturing CCS-enabled (blue) hydrogen at scale becomes a crucial early step in the global pursuit of net zero emissions, contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.

Optimise hydrogen solutions with our cost estimator

Experiment with different inputs to see how they could affect the key metrics of your CCS-enabled (blue) hydrogen project, such as the amount of CO2 captured or your CO2 savings. To learn more, share your project requirements with our low carbon technology experts using the "Get in touch" button below.

Enabling market leading hydrogen production

Our LCH technology delivers
  • Highest efficiency with lower capital expenditure
  • Lowest cost of hydrogen
  • Lowest usage of natural gas per unit of hydrogen
  • Lowest amount of CO2 produced per unit of hydrogen
Captures up to 99%

reduction in carbon dioxide, compared to conventional (grey) hydrogen

Reforming precision: ATR and GHR in low carbon hydrogen production

Johnson Matthey is the market leader in syngas with an expertise in deploying world scale plants. We offer customers two tailored solutions to low carbon hydrogen production. Our LCH technology flowsheets leverage a standalone ATR or an ATR-GHR combination, which can enable up to 99% CO₂ capture.1

Autothermal reforming (ATR)
  • Mature technology
  • Higher CO₂ capture at lower CAPEX compared to SMR
  • Exceeds current standards for carbon intensity to be classified as low carbon hydrogen

Johnson Matthey ATR GHR hydrogen technology

Autothermal reforming (ATR) and Gas heated reforming (GHR) combination
  • Higher feedstock efficiency2
  • Lower carbon intensity2
  • Exceeds current standards for carbon intensity to be classified as low carbon hydrogen
1Based on JM data. 2Compared to ATR technology. 


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