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Most industrial and power applications produce off gases that are harmful to health, the environment or have global warming potential, such as CO₂, CO, hydrocarbons etc. As the world is pledging to reduce global warming to below 1.5° C compared to pre-industrial levels, removing or re-using of these gases is crucial to achieve this target. 

Johnson Matthey is proud to offer a range of fixed bed catalysts, specially designed to remove or purify gas streams, in line with our vision for cleaner and healthier world.



Our PURAVOC™ technology provides a catalytic oxidation solution to remove a broad variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide from various gas stream sources.  

PURAVOC offers a range of alumina-supported platinum group metal (PGM) fixed bed catalysts, utilising our 200+ years expertise in PGM chemistry. These are specially designed to oxidise individual or complex gas impurities to very low levels, at low temperatures compared to thermal processing and with minimal intervention. As a result, PURAVOC can achieve long and dependable bed life at reduced OPEX, making this a very economical solution.  

Capitalising on the PURAVOC brand's long history, we have extended our portfolio with dedicated and improved catalysts for emerging applications.



PURAVOC GREEN™ catalysts are specially designed to remove trace contaminants from hydrogen and oxygen produced by water electrolysis. Deoxygenation is an essential step in the production of green hydrogen and requires a flexible and robust catalyst that can operate under a variety of pressures, relatively low temperatures, and intermittent feed flows. PURAVOC GREEN catalysts are highly efficient within a broad operation envelope and maintain performance over many operation cycles making this a reliable, easy to operate and economic solution. 



PURAVOC BLUE™ catalysts are carefully formulated to remove trace oxygen and/or VOCs from CO₂ streams prior their downstream utilisation or sequestration. PURAVOC BLUE can be combined with Johnson Matthey’s PURASPEC purification technologies to meet CO₂ transportation and feed specifications.

PURAVOC catalysts are stable in air at ambient temperature and they can be loaded directly into the reactor. They are supplied pre-activated so no in-situ activation is required.


PGM management and refining

When the catalyst has come to the end of active life, the spent material can be sent back to Johnson Matthey for recovery of the PGM value. Johnson Matthey offers PGM management and PGM refining.

Johnson Matthey’s representatives should be consulted to determine which product is the most appropriate for any given application/duty and how to maximise its utilisation. 

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