CompactSCR NOx control systems

JM's CompactSCR® NOx control technology offers highly efficient, factory assembled, single-lift systems for NOx emission control from stationary sources. 

Our CompactSCR systems are designed and engineered to enable ease of installation in a single-lift process and ease of operation including urea mixing (which ensures efficient and effective conversion of NOx over the JM SCR catalyst).


Delivering value

JM’s CompactSCR systems are guaranteed and:

  • They are designed to achieve high NOx emission conversion rates in the very small footprint.  
  • The urea injection and all air line systems and mixing sections are built into the reactor. 
  • They reduce >95% of NOx from small to medium sized diesel and gas engines (up to 4500kW). 
  • They achieve high NOx, CO and hydrocarbon conversions with low NH3 slip. 
  • They are factory assembled for ease of field installation. 

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