Oxidation catalyst systems

Our Modulex™ and DualOx® catalytic converters for stationary engines - reliable engine exhaust emission control combined with silencing technology. 

Modulex and DualOx catalytic converters are designed to accommodate oxidation and three-way catalyst elements to reduce emissions and noise. This technology operates over a wide range of conditions including rich-burn, lean-burn and diesel engine applications, in market segments such as: 

  • Gas compression 

  • Gas transmission 

  • Power generation 

  • Irrigation and pumping 

  • Standby equipment.  

Our highly reliable HAPGuard Monitor helps engine operators comply with RICE NESHAP requirements. 


Catalytic converter 

Engine power 

Construction material 


50-500 HP 

Stainless steel 


250-2250 HP 

Carbon steel, stainless steel 


2000 HP and larger 

Carbon steel, stainless steel 


Modulex and DualOx catalytic converters and converter-silencers 

  • Designed to minimise leaks and bypass to maximise conversions 

  • Improved flow distribution for maximum catalyst utilisation 

  • Ease of access for catalyst installation, cleaning and replacement 

  • Robust design capable of using different fuels including natural gas, LPG, propane, diesel, biodiesel and dual fuel 

  • 4-cycle engines and 2-cycle engines 

  • Used with oxidation catalysts and three-way catalyst elements 

  • Available with integrated silencer 

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