SCR catalysts

JM has manufactured SINOx® SCR catalysts since 1987. Our extensive experience in this industry allows us to offer a broad range of SCR products for many applications and to become a trusted supplier for NOx emission control technology worldwide.  

All of our SCR catalysts are designed for durability, efficiency and effectiveness and have been applied in almost every industrial and power application. 

Our SCR Catalysts technology: 

  • Offers a wide range of cell densities (40-300 cpsi) balancing NOx reduction with backpressure requirements 

  • Is available in standard dimensions as well as custom sizes to fit existing housings 

  • Offers a broad operating temperature range (300 to 550°C / 575 to 1020°F) 

  • Is available in different chemistries including vanadium and zeolite formulations for optimum performance over a range of different temperatures  

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