SINOx - HT SCR catalyst

JM offers a high temperature SCR catalyst that can operate under a broad range of temperature conditions. Designed for optimum conversion of NOx at high operating temperatures, whilst offering performance at lower temperatures (as low as 200°C / 400°F).   

Our technology meets customer demands for high temperature through the design development and manufacture of high-porosity zeolites. This technology delivers effective de-NOx performance at temperatures over 540°C (1000 °F).   

SINOX®-HT catalyst reaches peak performance near 480°C (900°F) and can be operated for high NOx reduction above 540°C (1000 °F) with NH3 slip at or below 10 ppm. It is thermally stable for operation up to 550°C (1020 °F). 


Delivering value:  

  • NOx emissions control over a broad temperature range from 200°C (400°F) to 540°C (1000 °F) without the need for tempering air fans  

  • Ease of installation and access – catalyst blocks supplied in element frames (“E-frames”) and steel modules  


Industrial Applications:  

  • Natural gas combustion turbines 

  • Stationary gas engines 

  • Diesel engines  

  • Steam methane reforming 

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